We take our own responsibility – carbon offsetting is not enough!

As a verified member of Leaders for Climate Action, we are committed to a CO2e reduction of 65% by 2030.

By 2040, NIYU should be operating net-zero.

As a verified member of Leaders for Climate Action, we take our own social responsibility to heart. Please find out more about our specific internal measures on our LFCA microsite.

With the individually developed framework, based among others on the “17 Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) of the United Nations Agenda 2030, we set ourselves the goal of achieving a 65% reduction in our own responsible emissions by 2030.

By 2040 at the latest, NIYU should be operating net-zero.

Only together are we in a position of strength: sustainability requires global solutions. We value open, partnership-based exchange and care for our international network in order to become better together every day.

NIYU is a proud industry member of:

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NIYU supports the call to promote a sustainable event economy

Sustainability only succeeds when everyone is on board! That is why NIYU invests in professional team qualifications. This concerns both internal knowledge management and team workshops as well as certified courses provided by external partners.

The services are thus qualified, among other skills, through the certified Green Consultant training as well as in-depth courses at the Institute for Sustainable Events.

If you would like to learn more about NIYU’s sustainability strategy and concrete measures, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to the exchange.

Jonas Krapf
Chief Sustainability Officer

+49 (0)30 8471 0869-0

Lucas Gröbel
Sustainability Manager

+49 (0)30 8471 0869-0


Are you intereseted in our strategy and the ways, we are taking?

We are happy about any exchange, because together we can do it!

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We define ourselves as an indipendent consultant, coach and individual solution provider.

We want to embrace the opportunities of sustainable transformation and support the relevant key processes in the best possible way. The in-house developed Sustainability Roadmap enables targeted consulting and planning at each individual stage of the process, also internal. Through our international network, we know the state-of-the-art solutions and expand our internal know-how to be able to support you in the best possible way.

NIYU.sustainability is qualified through further training at the international Institute for Sustainable Events and as a certified Green Consultant.


„Sustainability does not mean renunciation, but demands intelligent solutions!”
Sustainable events are not the result of renunciation without replacement, but of rethinking and developing intelligent solutions and resources.

„Sustainability starts on a blank sheet of paper.“
Implementing an event in a sustainable way requires consistent consideration from the very first conception. Sustainability requires planning.

„Success and failure are decided in the planning detail.“
To prevent the risk of unintended rebound and backfire effects, the specific
measures must be reviewed even before implementation. Standard solutions are practical, but lead to misconceptions that diminish success.

„Sustainability is the success of joint cooperation.“
It is our social responsibility to successfully pursue the transformation. Let us take this journey together and learn with and from each other.


Niko Hocke

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