We embrace the challenge and seize the opportunities of sustainable transformation. Because one is for sure:
Sustainability is moving from a voluntary to a mandatory matter – those who start today will already benefit tomorrow!

Sustainability is the driving economic factor in the medium term.


Employer attractiveness is strongly influenced by the company’s own sustainability strategy. Without young professionals, economic activity will be impossible in the future.


Feature film, series, short film, commercial film, event recordings, streaming, aftermovie, film feeds at events, …

Green Shooting is possible in any media production – large or small.




With the certified services of our NIYU.sustainability service department, it is possible to place responsibility in competent hands: we understand sustainability as an interdisciplinary cross-sectional task, collect valid data, develop innovative solutions and offer specific control options along the entire value chain.

Comprehensive CO2e accounting is just the beginning!

With our expertise, we offer the opportunity to hand over responsibility and place the issue in competent hands.

The project-specific sustainability report provides a solid data and argumentation basis based on the relevant analysis results and thus creates economic advantages.

Measuring Scope 3 emissions for holistic corporate and project accounting is complex:

We can provide solid data and directly offset CO2e emissions on request.

Niko Hocke
Chief Sustainability Officer
+49 (0)30 8471 0869-0

Lucas Gröbel
Sustainability Manager
+49 (0)30 8471 0869-0


You want to make sure that your customers are fascinated by the whole event and reached according to sustainability goals?

Let’s work together to reach the maximum – for your goals and the sustainability!