Sustainable events can enhance your brand, build reputation and demonstrate citizenship when they give back and reduce their environmental impacts. Our specific sustainability consulting and planning services will support you to reduces waste and cost withour reducing the experience. The in-house developed NIYU.sustainability roadmap serves as a comprehensive tool that enables monitoring and control in addition to the definition of relevant sustainability measures.

The question is not whether events need to be sustainable, but how an event can be implemented sustainably.



We define ourselves as an indipendent consultant, coach and individual solution provider

We want to embrace the opportunities of sustainable transformation and support the relevant key processes in the best possible way. The in-house developed Sustainability Roadmap enables targeted consulting and planning at each individual stage of the process. This makes the project plannable, realisable, affordable and sustainable. Through our international network, we know the state-of-the-art solutions and expand our internal know-how to be able to support you in the best possible way. 

NIYU.sustainability’s services are qualified through further training at the

international Institute for Sustainable Events

and as a

certified Green Consultant.

Status quo analysis

Understanding the existing processes and identifying the necessary fields of action is essential for implementing sustainability. For this purpose, the current status is analysed and data evaluated. 

Strategic materiality analysis

Every company has different priorities. The purpose of the materiality analysis is to identify the areas of action and solutions that are particularly important in the context of the company and the stakeholder perspective. 

Strategic gap analysis

This analysis specifically addresses the existing gaps and “low hanging fruits”: Where can measurable success be achieved as quickly as possible? 

Strategic supply chain management

A sustainable supply chain is the be-all and end-all of a sustainability strategy. We help to evaluate the supplier base independently of projects and to set up sustainable framework agreements. 

Needs analysis

The examination of typical and recurring use cases helps to identify optimisation potential and to make the right decisions in the future. 

Feasibility analysis

Based on a given use case, we verify the (technical) feasibility and determine specific measures for implementation. 

Conceptual consulting

Event concepts have a great influence on sustainable orientation. We support you in asking for the right questions. 

Conceptual materiality analysis

Every event is also a communication measure. Depending on the stakeholders, we identify the essential fields of action and develop solutions. 

Conceptual gap analysis

In this analysis, the existing gaps and “low hanging fruits” are examined on a project-specific basis: Where can measurable success be achieved as quickly as possible? 

Project- & trade-specific deep-dive

Sustainability begins with good planning. With the deep dives, the planning team is empowered to take sustainability aspects into account in their daily doing. 

Project-specific workshops

In order to implement sustainability in the best possible way, all project participants should be informed about the objectives and measures. We offer project and trade-specific briefings & workshops to get everyone on board. 

Operational supply chain management

Events often have complex contracting structures. We support you in finding the right partners for your project and ensure that the supplier network meets sustainability criteria. 

Sustainability companionship

Even without a planning mandate, we can provide advice on the project and assist you with any questions that may occur on the subject. 

CO2e calculation and balancing

The CO2e balancing of target and actual emissions are important tools for assessing, controlling and comparing sustainability. We provide you with a comprehensible overview of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. 

Procurement of certified CO2e compensation projects

Offset projects are the last option of choice, but still ultimately necessary. We support you in selecting & procuring appropriate, credible and certified projects. 

Project-specific reporting

The concluding sustainability report describes the project, the measures taken and gives a detailed reflection of the successes and failures. Furthermore, it provides an excellent basis for follow-up communication. 


Feature film, series, short film, commercial film, event recordings, streaming, aftermovie, film feeds at events, …

Green Shooting is possible in any media production – large or small. Are you interested? 


Sustainability is complex and, as a cross-sectional function, requires an indepth consideration of a multitude of fields of action. With our expertise and holistic approach, we offer the opportunity to hand over responsibility and place the issue in competent hands.


Reliable data is the basis for credible stakeholder communication and targeted controlling. The project-specific sustainability report provides a solid data and argumentation basis according to the relevant analysis results.



Tracking scope 3 emissions for holistic corporate and project accounting is complex: 

We can provide solid data and offset the CO2e emissions directly if desired.



Public awareness has increased noticeably. In the digital age, statements can be verified at any time.

The trust of shareholders and stakeholders demands credible performance.


Since 2017, the CSR reporting obligation has required extensive nonfinancial reporting from large capital market-oriented companies.

The obligation will also apply
to companies with less than
500 employees.


The new EU taxonomy demands consistent steps by all European companies (including SMEs in the long term).

Those who prepare can benefit from the institutional


Rising risks due to more frequent severe weather events are continuously increasing the insurance policies for events.

Safe planning and consistent action are required.


Sustainable minimum standards are increasingly required in finance as well.

Those who can prove their own sustainability strategy have considerable advantages.

Greenwashing causes mistrust

Mandatory reporting is coming

EU taxonomy
offers benefits

Insurance policies adapt

Financiers become vigilant


„Sustainability does not mean renunciation, but demands intelligent solutions!”
Sustainable events are not the result of renunciation without replacement, but of rethinking and developing intelligent solutions and resources.

„Sustainability starts on a blank sheet of paper.“
Implementing an event in a sustainable way requires consistent consideration from the very first conception. Sustainability requires planning.

„Success and failure are decided in the planning detail.“
To prevent the risk of unintended rebound and backfire effects, the specific
measures must be reviewed even before implementation. Standard solutions are practical, but lead to misconceptions that diminish success.

„Sustainability is the success of joint cooperation.“
It is our social responsibility to successfully pursue the transformation. Let us take this journey together and learn with and from each other.

Jonas Krapf
Chief Sustainability Officer
+49 (0)30 8471 0869-0

Lucas Gröbel
Sustainability Manager
+49 (0)30 8471 0869-0


You want to make sure that your customers are fascinated by the whole event and reached according to sustainability goals?

Let’s work together to reach the maximum – for your goals and the sustainability!

We take our own responsibility – carbon offsetting is not enough!



Have a look at some project insights!

We enable you to realise your greatest ideas, we fascinate your clients and we create sustainable solutions for all of it.


Niko Hocke

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