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Each event is unique in its requirements and its implementations. We deliver fully immersive experiences on time and on budget with the highest standards of project and quality management in AV, broadcast technology, lighting etc.


Prototype solution engineering

Immersive projects are often characterised by a unique combination of technical components for the particular use case. Our specialists develop operational systems.

AV System design & detailed planning

Audio-visual systems require detailed planning. We offer holistic solutions from the initial concept to implementation planning.

Light, audio, video system design

We design and plan complete and fully integrated systems of all media technology trades.

Infrastructure & overlay engineering

The technical infrastructure of an event forms the backbone of its success. We meet their needs.

Stage design

We develop individual stage designs at the highest technical level. Video and lighting elements are used elegantly and support your core message in the best possible way.

CAD maps & design with 3D wysiwyg approval

Technical drawings are the basis of successful execution. Our CAD specialists create elaborate and detailed plans. With our visualisation tools, you already know in advance what to expect.

Event IT and network planning

Whether for the event technology, the infrastructure or the free guest WLAN: we plan stable network infrastructures and enable smooth operations.

Technical management on site incl. construction and setup supervision

Our ambition is the best possible result. That is why our engineers accompany the construction from the very first hour and thus guarantee you the quality you deserve.

Technical feasibility studies

Before complex projects are carried out, it is necessary to evaluate whether and how the ideas are feasible in principle. Our many years of engineering experience help to obtain valid and trustworthy judgements.

Security and health support

The protection of guests and employees always has top priority. We develop safety and hygiene concepts and provide the necessary planning and monitoring personnel.

Bespoke AR / VR, APP solutions

The successful use of AR, VR and event apps requires well thought-out planning and integration services. We know what it comes down to.

RFP documents and vendor management

We work with the market-leading software tools and enable an independent, transparent and legally compliant tendering and procurement process.

Mockups & test scenarios for proof of concept

As good as a plan may be – certain cases require a final planning check by real build-ups. We implement these close to reality to provide reliability.

Project & quality management

Our project managers and engineers work along established processes and thus ensure the quality of your project. With NIYU, projects become plannable, realisable and affordable.

Sustainability consulting & planning

More information here: NIYU.sustainability

when engineering leads to unique projects:
the BMW IAA booth

Fabio Stein
Senior Project Manager
+49 (0)30 8471 0869-3

Moritz Hartmann
Project Manager
+49 (0)30 8471 0869-5


You want to make sure that your customers are fascinated by the whole event and reached according to your goals?

Then please share your ideas with us – we are ready to engineer!

It was really a lot of fun, thanks again to Fabio and Lucas!
They always had time and of course super suggestions for our short-term wishes and changes!
Very solution-oriented thinking! It could not have gone better!

Claudia Schneider

Event Communication, AUDI AG

We were very satisfied with the technical planning for our sneak preview. The cooperation with NIYU was professional, result-oriented and absolutely relaxed. The result was to our complete satisfaction. Together we created a setting for our guests that was refreshing and different. Absolutely great for the purpose of a photo studio campaign with journalists.

Valentin Hipp

Live Kommunikation, Multimedia Contentproduktion, AUDI AG

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU, really, for your great work at Eurocucina and IFA this year. And thanks for ALWAYS going the extra mile and helping us find solutions. It’s a pleasure to work with you and we’re looking forward to more projects with your company!

Caroline Rey

Events Manager Europe, Electrolux

NIYU projects


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Have a look at some project insights!

We enable you to realise your greatest ideas, we fascinate your clients and we plan your show and content for your success.

Sicherheit auf Veranstaltungen – Der Verantwortliche für Veranstaltungstechnik

  Der/Die Verantwortliche für Veranstaltungstechnik (VfV) ist die Vertretung des Veranstalters oder des Betreibers in (sicherheits-)technischen Aspekten. Gemäß §40 Muster-Versammlungsstättenverordnung (MVStättVO) ist er/sie bei dem Aufbau, Abbau sowie bei Proben,...

Sicherheit auf Veranstaltungen – Die Veranstaltungsleitung

  Die Veranstaltungsleitung ist die zwingend erforderliche Vertretung des Auftraggebers (Veranstalters) bzw. in Fällen, wo dies die Location selbst ist, des Betreibers der Veranstaltungsstätte. Sie ist eine natürliche Person, welche in Abstimmung mit dem...

Sicherheit auf Veranstaltungen – Der Veranstalter / Auftraggeber

  Im Regelfall ist der Initiator eines Events der Auftraggeber für alle Positionen auf seiner Veranstaltung. Er gibt den Rahmen für ein Kreativkonzept vor, beauftragt ggf. eine externe Agentur für das Konzept sowie alle weiteren Dienstleister für die technische...

Sicherheit auf Veranstaltungen – Die Rollen

  Events bringen nicht nur eine kreative Planung, detaillierte Konzeption und logistische Vorbereitung mit sich: Es gilt insbesondere, alle Ideen und Vorhaben sicher vor Ort umzusetzen. Wir erklären, welche Faktoren im Thema Sicherheit bei Veranstaltungen wichtig...

Seminar Nachhaltige Events

  Nachhaltigkeit ist in aller Munde: Die gesellschaftliche Wachsamkeit wächst, Auftraggeber stellen vermehrt entsprechende Anforderungen und Nachwuchskräfte fordern ebenso eine nachhaltige Verantwortungswahrnehmung der (künftigen) Arbeitgeber. Dabei stellt sich...

NIYU & Federal Association for Sustainable Business

  Jetzt ist es offiziell: NIYU ist stolzes Mitglied des Bundesverbands Nachhaltige Wirtschaft! Und das nicht ohne Grund. Denn der BNW vertritt genau die Ziele, die NIYU insbesondere als Vorreiter in der Veranstaltungsbranche intensiv verfolgt.  // English...

Is home-office (more) harmful to the climate?

  Our first thought: No, working from home reduces a company's emissions, doesn't it?! However, in order for the positive effects to outweigh the negative, there are many dimensions to think of: // German translation below // Of course, emission sources in the...

274 measures for a sustainable production

  There is so much we can do! Do you know how much sustainability potential there is in your production? It begins from with small steps in location-scouting, different ways of communication, the way of choosing technical equipment up to accessibility for people...

360° Full Event Service

  May we introduce: Your one-stop full service // Many events require multiple stakeholders working together on a project: vendors, crews, artists, licensing authorities and so on. We manage the coordination for our clients, giving them more time...

Our DNA: Event Technology Solutions

  May we introduce: Each event is unique in its requirements and its implementations - after the conceptual design of creative events, it's all about bringing these spectacular ideas to life in state-of-the-art solutions. We deliver fully...