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Many events require multiple vendors working together on a project, crews of labor and special permitting. We will manage all of this for our clients, giving them more time to focus on coordination, client management and design. We bring together all necessary parties under the NIYU umbrella, which assures that everyone is on the same page.


Venue scouting & contracting

Finding the right venue is one of the great challenges in successful event conception and implementation. We know the right addresses, submit individually tailored proposals and ensure that the contracts include exactly what you need.

Production management

In an event production, many parties have to work hand in hand and decisions have to be made at short notice without losing the overview. We manage your production.

Event technology consulting

Which technology is the right one for the application? Which trend should not be missed? We know our business and will be happy to advise you.


Good logistics work in the background and ensure that everything runs smoothly. With NIYU’s planning, business runs like clockwork and you have the time to focus on the essentials: Your show.

Concept execution

Successful implementation is based on a profound understanding of creative ideas and technical solutions. Our interdisciplinary team ensures that the end result is exactly what you want.

Furniture & decor

Looking for the right furniture and décor? We will of course provide you with everything you need in addition to the technology.

Technical direction

If the technology is too complex, the result often becomes unsatisfactory. With our technical management, you can rely on systems that are ready to play.

Scaling capabilities

Live communication remains a highly successful method for growth. Our solutions impress.

Cost and feasibility check

We would be happy to check the possibilities for you to implement your concept with a given budget. With our many years of international experience, you know exactly the parameters and how to continue.

RFP & Budgeting

As an independent production office with a large network, we can rely on the most suitable suppliers for your project. With tendering processes, we ensure the most economical offer.

Sponsor coordination

More information coming soon. We deliver the service already – please contact us.

Talent management

More information coming soon. We deliver the service already – please contact us.

Stage management

Having the right technology and staff at the right time is crucial for a successful event. We keep the overview.

Videography & live streaming

Whether it’s the production of one-shots or the creation of high-profile aftermovies, you can rely on our team and look forward to the results. Furthermore live streaming is more than just transmission via the internet. We provide creative ideas and high-quality technology to deliver emotions.


Many productions are staff-intensive. We coordinate and ensure that everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Sustainability consulting & planning

More information here: NIYU.sustainability


We have the holistic view onto your event goals, your costumers and your expectations. And we complete these with expert know how and inspiring ideas.

Thus we can use your budget most efficient to create an impressive performance – an event of every size, your target group won’t forget.

when production leads to unique projects:
the Škoda Enyaq IV world premiere

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International Business Developer
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Niko Hocke
Managing Director
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You want to make sure that your customers are fascinated by the whole event and reached according to your goals?

Then please share your ideas with us – we are ready for production!


Have a look at some project insights!

We enable you to realise your greatest ideas, we fascinate your clients and we plan your show and content for your success.


Niko Hocke

NIYU projects


years experience

Seminar Nachhaltige Events

  Nachhaltigkeit ist in aller Munde: Die gesellschaftliche Wachsamkeit wächst, Auftraggeber stellen vermehrt entsprechende Anforderungen und Nachwuchskräfte fordern ebenso eine nachhaltige Verantwortungswahrnehmung der (künftigen) Arbeitgeber. Dabei stellt sich...

NIYU & Federal Association for Sustainable Business

  Jetzt ist es offiziell: NIYU ist stolzes Mitglied des Bundesverbands Nachhaltige Wirtschaft! Und das nicht ohne Grund. Denn der BNW vertritt genau die Ziele, die NIYU insbesondere als Vorreiter in der Veranstaltungsbranche intensiv verfolgt.  // English...

Is home-office (more) harmful to the climate?

  Our first thought: No, working from home reduces a company's emissions, doesn't it?! However, in order for the positive effects to outweigh the negative, there are many dimensions to think of: // German translation below // Of course, emission sources in the...

274 measures for a sustainable production

  There is so much we can do! Do you know how much sustainability potential there is in your production? It begins from with small steps in location-scouting, different ways of communication, the way of choosing technical equipment up to accessibility for people...

360° Full Event Service

  May we introduce: Your one-stop full service // Many events require multiple stakeholders working together on a project: vendors, crews, artists, licensing authorities and so on. We manage the coordination for our clients, giving them more time...

Our DNA: Event Technology Solutions

  May we introduce: Each event is unique in its requirements and its implementations - after the conceptual design of creative events, it's all about bringing these spectacular ideas to life in state-of-the-art solutions. We deliver fully...

Report 2022 – Streaming & Broadcast Trends

Streaming is here to stay. The global industry is witnessing a major shift towards IP technology: even though SDI technology is still widespread, IP-based systems are becoming increasingly important. The advantage: transporting video across the internet, cloud,...

Water – a challenge for the event industry

  Water is the basis of our life and seemingly limitless. A recent study shows: Germany alone loses 2.5 km³ of water every year! For comparison: that is the volume of Germany's largest lake, Lake Constance. The fatal truth: It goes well for a long time until it...

Innovative Event Creation

  May we introduce: NIYU.creation Event conception - whether face-to-face, digital or hybrid - is challenging and requires an in-depth understanding of customer needs, communication strategies, current trends and technically innovative solutions. The entire event...

Independent Management Support

  May we introduce: Projects are becoming more and more complex and digital, the possible solutions seem endless: Our consulting department provides answers to the crucial questions and supports the processes. We empower clients to make the right...