At the beginning of the year 2021, NIYU engineers were commissioned with a special job: the planning and implementation of an extravagant light show on an outdoor area.

In addition to the technical requirements and the ambitious performance, the power supply in particular proved to be a challenge: Locally available was a maximum grid capacity of 22 kW, but for the technical implementation of the lighting design up to 100 kW were needed during the load peaks.

While in the “normal case” the supply of a diesel genset would have been the standard solution for the industry, in this case, with the aim of achieving the most sustainable implementation possible, another solution was needed.


Therefore, the project team developed a customized power supply system in which the grid connection was combined with a battery charging container. The combination of this hybrid system with a strict “standby etiquette”, in which all non-essential devices were switched to standby mode during longer breaks and thus only about 10% of the maximum connection capacity was required, enabled the event to be held both successfully and reliably at all times.


The positive experiences of this intelligent energy supply concept prompted NIYU to conduct a case study based on the real event-data. The question here is how much emissions of CO2 equivalents could be saved by this concept compared to the use of the standard solution of a diesel generator that is common in the industry.

The calculation of CO2 equivalents, based among others on ISO 14044 and DIN EN 16258, taking into account relevant additional conditions (e.g. transport emissions), reveals the following result:

In this case, CO2 equivalents of approx. 900 kg were caused by the combined, consistent implementation. The industry-typical aggregate solution, on the other hand, would have caused four times the environmental impact with 3.6t.

The sustainability methodology developed in connection with the event further expands NIYU’s expertise and will be groundbreaking for future projects. If you would like to learn more about the study, about sustainable opportunities or our NIYU.sustainability portfolio, please feel free to contact us!


Every production has huge possibilities to have a great impact on sustainability – no matter if award, driving event, fair, fixed installation, hybrid event, kick off, light show, mega event, online event, 
press conference, product release, special event, sport event, streaming, virtual live audience or world premiere.




With the certified services of our NIYU.sustainability service department, it is possible to place responsibility in competent hands: we understand sustainability as an interdisciplinary cross-sectional task, collect valid data, develop innovative solutions and offer specific control options along the entire value chain.

Comprehensive CO2e accounting is just the beginning!

With our expertise, we offer the opportunity to hand over responsibility and place the issue in competent hands.

The project-specific sustainability report provides a solid data and argumentation basis based on the relevant analysis results and thus creates economic advantages.

Measuring Scope 3 emissions for holistic corporate and project accounting is complex:

We can provide solid data and directly offset CO2e emissions on request.

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