AUDI A5 world premiere



Our commitment is to support clients with ideas, storytelling, concepting and directing of impactful experiences and contents for all types of events, channels and platforms.

Our passion ensures the smooth running of every production and event, this includes scripting, directing, calling and coaching of presenters and participants.


Content strategy

A precisely designed content strategy is the backbone of successful communication. We develop individually tailored measures.

Creative strategy

The creative strategies by NIYU answer why, what and how you’ll achieve your individually definded goals. We determine the required KIPs and develop appropriate measurement methods.

Creative & art direction

NIYU’s art director develops sophisticated creative and audio-visual concepts & productions for your event and film project. He accompanies all creative production processes and thus is responsible for the artwork of your individual project.

Content writing

We support the entire process from research, planning, writing and editing to publishing. Everything from a single provider.

Motion graphics

More information coming soon. We deliver the service already – please contact us.


More information coming soon. We deliver the service already – please contact us.

Immersive Storytelling

More information coming soon. We deliver the service already – please contact us.

AR / VR / MR / XR

More information coming soon. We deliver the service already – please contact us.

Video editing

Every video production is in expert hands at NIYU.

Post production

VFX, CGI, colour grading, audio editing, … We take care of all the necessary steps.

Programming / show developement

Precise programming is the key to a flawless show. We know what matters.

Show calling & live directing

Show calling means understanding art and technique, feeling the moment and leading the whole team calmly and precisely. Years of experience in TV, live show, live stream and corporate allow us to deliver a steady and controlled call at all times. And at a live event, there is only one chance. It requires the ability to deliver clear direction and quick feedback.

Speaker training

At an event, every single participant contributes to the success of the whole. The comprehensive speaker training enables each individual to perform at their best.

Set Design

Whether it’s a show or a corporate event, live or filmed: set design is a key factor in creating an attractive and varied impression. With our technical and creative know-how, we develop individually adjusted looks.

Project & quality management

Creativity must also be implemented in assured quality. Our engineers and project managers add this important aspect to the services.

Sustainability consulting & planning

More information here: NIYU.sustainability

when creation leads to unique projects:
the AUDI Premiere Shanghai

Thomas Hofmann
+49 (0)30 8471 0869-4

Jonas Krapf
Project Manager
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You want to make sure that your customers are fascinated by the whole event and reached according to your goals?

Then please share your ideas with us – we are ready to create!



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We enable you to realise your greatest ideas, we fascinate your clients and we create your show and content for your success.


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