Jonas Krapf_Chief Sustainability Officer at NIYU

Water is the basis of our life and seemingly limitless.

A recent study shows: Germany alone loses 2.5 km³ of water every year! For comparison: that is the volume of Germany’s largest lake, Lake Constance. The fatal truth: It goes well for a long time until it becomes noticeable at some point. Then it is too late.

This can particularly affect summer and outdoor events. Here we can conclude that more future-proof events require a status quo analysis and strategic measures already today! 

The consequence: The sustainability KPIs of event planning (CO2e emissions, energy consumption, …) will have to be expanded to include water supply and waste disposal!

On the positive side, events can be first movers and role models for change and do good through practical measures: water-saving measures, public water dispensers, water reuse, etc. There are no limits to planning creativity! 

Success and failure are decided in the planning detail. And this is where we can help you:


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