Live Digital Event Experience

Far beyond the existing online video conferencing tools, VLA gives you access for a two-way communication of the audience with the event. Participants could be integrated into the show live via mic and camera and displayed on a huge single video grid, in sections or on separate screens individually. Participants can be integrated live into the show via their microphone and camera and displayed on a large screen, in parts or individually on separate screens.

Each participant can be addressed to get a live channel in the show. Likewise, all participants could be unmuted to give a loud live feedback through the local PA (a lot of people make a lot of noise for a live atmosphere).

  • It is easy as Google.
  • No APP needed!
  • simple login with URL in current browser
  • It can be participated from any mobile device
  • The possibilities are enormous!

Please click HERE or on the cover image to download the PDF flyer for more information and images.


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