Jonas Krapf_Chief Sustainability Officer at NIYU

NIYU as a part of the Greentech Alliance

We are proud to be part of the international community of companies that are actively providing solutions to combat climate change and shape the sustainable transformation.

NIYU became an approved member

The objective of the Greentech Alliance is to bring together businesses that have built or are building services, products and technologies designed to improve the health of our planet. Alliance members share the same purpose. to improve the health of the planet. This means that members are working to:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of activities and processes that currently exist (for example, in terms of efficiency of resource use)
  • Provide a new way to perform activities or processes that has a lower environmental impact (for example, a replacement product or material)
  • Find innovations that are designed to directly improve the health of the planet (such as a method to clean pollution from an area of land, water or air)

Further, members should have:

  • A commitment to the balance of our planet, people and profit. All stakeholders are treated with respect and dignity, from the local environment to staff and those touched by supply chains
  • Awareness of greenwashing, and a commitment to not getting involved in it. Members should work with clients and consumers to put the planet over profit, and not use sustainability initiatives to create misleading marketing or brand awareness
  • A commitment to being an active member of the community, contributing to discussion, knowledge sharing and networking
  • A commitment to following the science behind climate change in their product development and communication

NIYU is actively involved in the community and wants to benefit from the individual approaches to solutions and the planning know-how in order to move forward together.


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