Cost development EVENT / FAIR 2022

META STUDY (summary)

A study by the R.I.F.E.L. e. V on behalf of fwd:
Bundesvereinigung Veranstaltungswirtschaft e. V.

Everything gets more expensive.
The current increase in prices does not stop at events and trade fairs. On the contrary, the entire industry is disproportionately affected by price increases.
Depending on the event/trade fair format and size, an average of 45% more budget must be made available in 2022 than for a comparable production in 2019.
Smaller event/fair projects are disproportionately affected (49% more expensive on average) compared to larger event/fair productions (41% more expensive on average) compared to 2019.

It is very important to have a flexible and reliable partner.

As a 360° solutions company and engineering office, NIYU is an expert in failsafe planning. We deliver not only concepts, which guarantee the implementation, even if personnel and material are scarce. We design solutions according to the current market situation and can offer additional safety with alternatives, even before the defect occurs.

As an independet event and technical specialist, NIYU can always offer you a solution together with one of our many national and international partners. 

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